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These pickled asparagus spears come with a kick. Pair one of these spears up with a Jalabeaño for a fancy Bloody Mary garnish, or put on a platter of charcuterie to make an impressive gourmet appetizer plate at your next party.

Smoked Tri-tip Wrapped Asparagusto


  • 1 jar Asparagusto!
  • 1/2 lb thinly sliced smoked Tri-tip or other roasted beef, bison, etc. (from your local deli counter)
  • (optional) Spreadable goat cheese

Note: This recipe works best with thinly sliced smoked tri-tip. There is a little something extra added from the smokey flavor, but it is still delicious with roast beef if that is what is available.


Lay out a slice of your beef and cut it into equal length pieces that are approximately 4-5 inches long. Take a handful of Asparagusto spears from a jar and depending on the width of your beef slices, you may want to cut the bunch of Asparagusto spears in half so they match the width of your beef slices. If using goat cheese, spread just a thin smudge on the starting end of your beef slice. Tightly roll up the Asparagusto spear in the slice of beef. If not using goat cheese you may need to use a toothpick to hold it together.  Organize on a party platter and serve cold.


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