Savor Santa Barbara


Perfect Gift Box

  • Olive Oil, California Harvest - Il Fustino

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    In stock

  • Balsamic Vinegar, 25 Barrel-Aged - Il fustino

    VERY tasty

    In stock

  • Nuts, Pistachio - SB pistachio 12oz bag

    High Quality

  • Coffee, Green Star - 1 lb bag

    Certified Fair Trade & Organic.

    Hand Selected & Locally Roasted.

  • Cookies, SB Cookies - 1 bag


  • Flowers, Edible - 1 bunch

    Show stopper

  • Lemons - 3 each

  • Cream, DREAM, Seaglass Botanical - 1 jar

  • Seasoning, Garlic Infused Citrus Salt - 1 spice jar

    Versatile & Flavorful

    Out of stock

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PERFECT for a holiday gift, mother’s day, birthday… a new homeowner’s gift or to add amazing pantry items to your home.

“Savor Santa Barbara” is a curated collection of handcrafted artisan pantry items from our local region. Enjoy locally made olive oils, vinegars, coffee, chocolates, spices, jams,coo and more. Each product embodies the spirit of our region’s culinary craftsmanship, making it the perfect gift or indulgence for food enthusiasts. Explore the flavors of Santa Barbara in every bite.

Additional information

Nuts, Pistachio - SB pistachio 12oz bag


Lemon Zing, Garlic & Onion

Coffee, Green Star - 1 lb bag


Italian, Paradiso Blend


Cone Drip, French Press, Whole Beans

Cookies, SB Cookies - 1 bag


Cold Springs Oatmeal, Hendry's Beach Peanut Butter, State Street Chocolate Chip, Stearn's Wharf Dark Chocolate, Summerland Strawberry


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