Bringing fresh & local farm’s Harvest to your Doorsteps every SATURDAYS SINCE 2009




For Our Active Customers Switching to Our New System:

If you have any issues or questions at all email us at

Sign in with your email and put in password LocalharvestD123

  1. Go to Account Details to change your password to what you would like.
  2. Go to Payment methods and add a credit card here or you can just add it when you order and checkout this week.
  3. Go to My Subscriptions. Make sure this is correct. If you want any changes made just email us.
  4. Lastly check your Addresses and check that your billing and shipping address are correct.

How to order with a Subscription

If you have a Harvest box set for this Saturday go to Customize Your Box. Choose the Customize option that matches what box you subscribe too. Make your changes or choose what we selected and add to your cart. You will be charged for your box at that time at checkout.

If you prefer not to customize or are short on time, no worries! We will automatically include the standard box in your order after our new Wednesday 1 p.m. deadline (which we’ve extended by an hour). The charge for the standard box will then be processed.

Shop around and add to your order if you wish.


How to order without a Subscription

Easy. Just shop around and build your own box for this Saturdays delivery. Check Out EVERYTIME!

How to Order for Brand New Customers

Welcome! First Go to Harvest box Subscriptions and see if you would like to subscribe to one of our boxes every Saturday or every other Saturday. You get the best value this way and no delivery fee. You also can change, skip or cancel this subscription at any time before our Wednesday 1 p.m. deadline, so no serious commitment here.

If you do decided to Subscribe to one of our boxes after you put that in your cart. Choose the Customize Box option that matches what box you subscribe too. Make your changes or choose what we selected and add to your cart. Remember to fully checkout.

Or we are all about you getting what you want so feel free to just order exactly what you want and reach a $50 minimum to avoid a $10 delivery fee.

Any questions at all email us:

We really appreciate you! 
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