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Handmade pasta is a culinary delight created with basic ingredients like flour, eggs, and a touch of salt. It involves mixing these elements to form a dough, which is then shaped into various pasta styles, such as strands, sheets, or filled pockets. The pasta is cooked briefly in boiling water until tender and is often paired with a flavorful sauce, resulting in a satisfying and homemade dining experience.


Mission Rose Pasta originated in 1998, in the college town of Isla Vista where Chef Michael Glazer began making fresh pasta for his small restaurant, the original Pasta 101, and experimented trying new flavor variations for family and friends. Over the years his fresh pastas have been enjoyed in a variety of Santa Barbara’s restaurants and featured on Chef Michael’s Prix Fixe seasonal private dining menus.

Traditional Methods
Mission Rose Pasta produces traditional small-batch, fresh pastas, seasonal sauces, and butters in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. Each shape style is extruded through bronze dies, allowing sauces and flavors to attach to their rustic textures. All of our pastas are made with 100% Certified Organic Semolina Flour and Filtered Water, and are egg-free. Pastas contain gluten and durum wheat.

Certified Organic Ingredients
Mission Rose Pasta proudly uses Central Milling’s Certified Organic Semolina flour grown in Petaluma, Ca. We source all herbs and produce locally from the Santa Barbara Certified Farmer’s Market.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Mission Rose Pasta proudly supports CSA programs. Our products are featured in many of Santa Barbara’s local CSA delivery and pickup companies.


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