Stone Fruit, Peaches – 1 lb


Harmonious balance of sweetness & acidity

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Peaches are luscious, juicy fruits with a fragrant aroma and a sweet, slightly tangy taste. They have a soft and velvety skin that ranges in color from yellow to blush. Peaches are beloved for their succulent flesh, which can be enjoyed fresh or used in a variety of culinary creations. They’re often a staple of summertime dishes, adding a burst of refreshing flavor to both sweet and savory recipes.

Texture: The texture of a ripe peach is tender, with juicy and melting flesh. The skin is delicate and can be eaten if desired, or easily removed.

Flavor: Peaches offer a harmonious balance of sweetness and acidity, which gives them a delightful complexity. The flavor can vary based on the variety, with some leaning more towards honey-like sweetness, while others have a more intense tartness.

Preparation: Peaches can be enjoyed fresh as a simple and satisfying snack. They’re also wonderful when incorporated into recipes. They can be sliced for salads, grilled for a smoky touch, baked into pies and cobblers, or blended into smoothies.

Cooking Methods: Peaches can be used in both raw and cooked dishes. They can be poached, grilled, sautéed, or roasted to enhance their flavor and create various textures.

Uses: Peaches are versatile in the kitchen. They’re commonly used in desserts like peach cobbler, pies, and tarts. They can also be added to salads, yogurt, and oatmeal for a burst of sweetness. In savory dishes, peaches can be paired with meats, cheeses, and herbs to create unique flavor profiles.

Pairing: Peaches pair well with ingredients like vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, mint, and even spices like ginger. They also complement cheeses like goat cheese and ricotta, as well as proteins like chicken, pork, and seafood.

Nutritional Value: Peaches are a good source of vitamins A and C, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. Their vibrant color is an indicator of their nutrient-rich content.

Ripeness: When selecting peaches, look for those that yield slightly to gentle pressure and have a sweet aroma at the stem end. Peaches continue to ripen after being picked, so you can leave them at room temperature until they reach your desired level of ripeness.

Culinary Tip: To easily remove the skin, you can blanch peaches in boiling water for about 30 seconds, then immediately transfer them to an ice water bath. The skin should easily peel away.

Peaches embody the essence of summer with their juicy sweetness. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing snack or incorporated into a wide array of dishes, peaches bring a burst of sunshine to your culinary creations.


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