Lettuce – 1 head


Mild & sweet

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  1. Leaf Lettuce: Leaf lettuce, whether green or red, has loose, tender leaves with a mild and slightly sweet taste. It offers a delicate, pleasant crunch and is often used in salads for its soft texture and subtle flavor.
  2. Romaine Lettuce: Romaine lettuce features elongated leaves with a sturdy, crisp texture. It has a slightly bitter taste, adding a refreshing and robust crunch to salads. Romaine is a classic choice for Caesar salads and sandwiches.
  3. Butter Lettuce: Butter lettuce, such as Bibb and Boston varieties, has tender and buttery leaves with a mild and slightly sweet flavor. The leaves are delicate and almost melt in your mouth, making it an excellent choice for delicate salads and wraps.
  4. Oak Leaf Lettuce: Oak leaf lettuce, characterized by its lobed and oak leaf-shaped leaves, offers a slightly nutty and mild taste. It has a tender texture and comes in various colors, including green and red. Oak leaf lettuce is versatile and adds a unique visual appeal to salads.
  5. Salanova Lettuce: Salanova lettuce is a type of butterhead lettuce known for its multi-leaf clusters. It combines the tender, buttery texture of butter lettuce with the convenience of easy-to-harvest whole heads. Salanova offers a mild, sweet taste and is often used in salads or as a wrap for fillings.



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